Young mum’s are being given the chance to learn how to cook healthy from a trained chef as part of a project promoting eating as a family.

The goal of Guiding Hands is to help mum’s with adapting to a healthier more varied lifestyle in eating and cooking , alleviating the need for fast foods.

The Community Interest Company offers support to young mothers and pregnant women, between the ages of 16 plus who have found themselves in difficulty and require guidance and advice. 

The Foodie Friday project which has been running for three years offers young mum’s the skills to cook fresh foods rather than relying on ready made food and takeaway chips,  which can sometimes become costly and high in fat, as well as fuelling childhood obesity.

Instead it encourages family evening meals by teaching young mums the quick and easy way to cook healthy.

The Foodie Friday Groups provide a crèche and shopping for all families taking part giving solutions, friendship and a safe environment they can cook, learn, taste, and shop all in one place.

Managing Director Tracey Davis said: “Young mums within today’s society can be left feeling secluded and alone. Not having enough money to get through the everyday items needed to feel they are providing a secure and nourishing house hold for their children. 

“It only takes the slightest disruption within the household or funds withheld which can then seem like a huge problem and the lack of food and essentials are then made to suffer. “

Funding for the project has come from Greggs Foundation, Croydon Community Fund, Near neighbourhood, Big Local Broad Green, Warbarton Fund and the Big Lottery’s Awards for All.

The two groups run  between 10-12.30pm St Andrews Hall, on Quadrant Road and  4-6.30pm at the Canterbury Children’s Centre, with a young people’s version 3pm to 5.30pm at Harris Invictus Academy on London Road.

For more information, 0208 068 0368/077 33 484 804