Cancer patient and mum Sue Ahmed pleads with people to take social distancing seriously.

The risks and severity of getting Coronavirus is increased for me as  I have two underlying chronic health conditions that at the moment affect my immune system. I’ve been shielding myself as much as possible since at least March 12. Before the schools were closed, I was only going out to do the school run.

I have between two to five appointments at hospital a week usually, but from this week, one by one I was contacted by staff to change some appointments to either a video call, a telephone consultation or move various appointments to June to protect me from face to face meetings and travelling into London.

My rehabilitation and physio services that I need weekly to help me move around on a daily basis and to try and remove the chronic fatigue I have from Cancer will now not go-ahead until Coronavirus has disappeared. This means my recovery will be impeded and delayed.

I telephoned Superdrug Thornton Heath to ask if they had a medicine delivery service for vulnerable customers and their response was that they had not been given any funds so they were unable to provide a delivery Service.

I had to risk going out to collect my pain and autoimmune liver disease medicine. When I was in the queue waiting; I followed the social isolating advice of leaving 2 metres of space between myself and the next person.

People started to stand in front of me, pushing in. Everyone needs to take social distancing from people seriously or it will continue to spread and more people will die. Coronavirus is absolutely contagious. If we don’t take this seriously Coronavirus can keep alive by infecting others rather than being stopped dead.

I’ve tried to get an online delivery of food. All the Supermarket delivery/collection dates are full or taken up until  April 13 and at the last time of checking there are no later dates added yet.