At the age of 10-year’s-old Jasmine E. Redman is already well on the way to becoming a budding entrepreneur.

A year ago Jasmine created a unique colouring book  brand called Adventureville which features  a series of wildlife scenes.

The designs include: trees, leaves, birds and foxes which Jasmine saw in her garden or while visiting Croydon parks.

Now the range has expanded to include, T-shirts, postcards, greeting cards and Tote bags.

The purchaser then gets to colour in the intricate black and white outlines with bold bright colours.

The strap line for Jasmine’s  colouring brand is ‘colour your way to calm’ and it is a philosophy Jasmine follows herself.

Jasmine explains she came up with the name Adventureville because : “I love adventure and wanted it to be like a village. I love nature, I love leaves and I love making stuff. Adults were doing colouring in books and I thought why can’t children.”

“I like to promote myself but I don’t boast…. I keep it humble,”adds a very grounded Jasmine

She said: “If people can buy colouring books and it makes them  feel happy and calm then it  makes me feel happy.”

Jasmine displayed her colouring products at St Paul’s Church as part of an event profiling some of the many community led activities taking place in the area involving young and old.

To see Jasmine’s designs visit: