Every Friday at 6.30am Zachary Tompson, aged four, waits excitedly at the window to see the dustmen, so imagine his surprise when he got to not only meet his heroes but was treated to a dream ride in one of the big refuse trucks!

When mum Heidi posted on social media Zachary’s delight at meeting the binmen outside his Thornton Heath home and donning a high vis jacket – local councillor Karen Jewitt, contacted council refuge contractor Veolia to ask if it was possible to arrange something for the ‘wee boy’. 

Cllr Jewitt said: “The rest was the bin mens idea, they followed through brilliantly, they deserve the praise.”

The next thing mum Heidi knew  was the youngster was being invited to the Factory Lane depot and the smile on Zachary’s face says it all. The kind operatives even presented Zachary with the best present ever – a child’s sized version of one of the truck’s he got to have a spin in.

Heidi said: “He absolutely loved it.. what a treat!! I can’t believe the dustmen gave him such a generous gift!! He would have been happy with a high vis and a ride round the depot!  Zachary is five in December so it was a great early birthday gift for him. He is at the window every Friday at 6.30am waiting to see them. 

“This is what he said when we got home that day: ‘Today was the best day ever. I really liked the different colour dust carts. The purple one was my favourite. 

“‘The two dustmen were very nice to me and I have the best toy in the world now! And it has a green sticker on it. And a pencil case with a rubber in it! There was lots and lots of paper to be recycled. It looked like a snow mountain.’”

Heidi added: “He is currently playing with his new truck and all I can say is thank you soooo much to Veolia  and the binmen for what they did for Zachary.”