Beulah Road has been compared to the ‘Wild West’ after a 10 day crime spree involving two stabbings, an alleged road rage incident with gun and a raid on a shop selling cannabis over the counter.

The 450 bus also had to be diverted while officers dealt with a woman with suspected mental health issues running in the road and days later witnesses called police to deal with disturbed man who was reported with a large knife in his back pocket walking up and down the road.

Two teenagers ‘terrified’ after seeing the man took sanctuary in nearby house. Officers searched the area but could not find the suspect.

Police executed a warrant acting on intelligence that cannabis was being sold over the counter at a Caribbean grocery shop at 84 Beulah Road and arrested a man for intent to supply cannabis.

The shop also faces further investigations by the council’s licensing department.

Cllr Leila Ben-Hassel who represents Norbury responded to the news on  Twitter: “About time – it was so obvious that this grocery store was not selling much apart from anything dodgy as their shelves were always empty and loads of people, particularly at night were coming and going. I’m glad something has finally been done.”

A woman was arrested after a man was found in a house on Beulah Road with stab injuries to his shoulder.  The victim’s ex partner Karina Mayers,  37, of Lydden Grove, SW18 was charged with GBH wounding with intent and possession of an offensive weapon. 

The Chronicle understands that she drove to the address with their children in the car.

Police are still hunting a a knife man who slashed a man outside Morley’s on Beulah Road. 

The victim had been in the takeaway trying to get free food when a car stopped at the lights and tried to take his moped. He received an injury to his hand and arm as he tried to stop the bike being stolen.

The police were unable to verify reports of road rage incident where one of the driver’s produced a gun. All the incidents reported here happened between August 2 and 10.

The Safer Neighbourhood Ward panel made Beulah Road one of three ward crime priorities for officers to focus their limited resources on knife crime and mental health issues over the next three months.

Comparisons to Beulah Road being like the  ‘Wild West’ were made at the borough commander’s public meeting held in St Paul’s Church in June.

One man asked Chief Supt Dave Stinger if the road was a ‘no go area’ because he never saw police or parking enforcement officers on the street.

A residents group was set up in the wake oF complaints about a prevalence of rats caused by building works and rubbish.

The group held two meetings and at the last in December Cllr Pat Clouder attended bringing council officers along to work with residents to discuss solving the problems.