A group of residents are lobbying to make their road a pleasant place for everyone to live.

Under the logo: ‘Our community Our responsibility’ a new group in Beulah Road is working together to improve this ‘vibrant  and diverse community’. 

Issues in recent months have seen a petition to improve rubbish and street cleanliness on the road which saw a problem with rats during the summer months because of new house building works locally.

On December 16, the group had its first open meeting at Beulah Junior School where 12 people turned up along with Ian Baron from the council’s Neighbourhood Safety Team.

This provided the opportunity to raise concerns around anti social behaviour and loitering outside shops.

Edilaine Di Muro from My Community My Responsibility said: “Our community is very important to us, it has a lot of potential and we want to involve everyone in our road. This small community promises an array of opportunities, here you can find all sorts of shops just to have an idea you can find shops for your groceries, post office, takeaways, a DIY  shop, a pharmacy, hairdressers, offices, a space for faith, people from different nationalities and at the heart of our small community we have Beulah Junior School which is our pride.

“Since we have taken this action we have already see steady progress in our community. But this is just the beginning and there is so much more we can achieve.

“Our aim is to  involve more people – everyone is welcome as this will make a great difference in how much we can achieve. “

More regular community meetings are planned and a  meeting with Thornton Heath Councillor Pat Clouder, in the next few weeks. Email: mycommunitymyresponsability@gmail.com