Artist PINS has brought humour to these dire times with his panic buying loo roll inspired limited edition prints ‘don’t be a greedy sh*t’.

He got a huge response when he posted the design on Instagram in response to the mass buying up of toilet rolls which left supermarket shelves empty early on in the pandemic. The aim he said was to ‘capture the rather ‘smelly’ moment in history & spread the message to Be. More. NICE!’

PINS is giving 20 per cent of sales from
10 giclee prints to help local art services and support communities in India.

He has been keeping himself busy during lockdown doodling and came up with this protect the NHS logo which is made of pins.

He wrote on his blog: “ We can all do many things when we put our minds to them – like the NHS staff, doctors and nurses, they deserve all the praise and help possible for going that extra mile and literally saving lives. Amazing. The way people are supporting and volunteering is beautiful too.”

He created his own ‘Keep Going NHS’ rainbow trainer doodle which you can print, colour and stick up in you window and has also been pinning up art while on his once a day walk, containing messages for people to find and keep.

He added: “Keep seeing lovely rainbows and positive messages on windows which has really brightened up the area during my morning walks, nice to see everyone getting creative ”