An artistic duo have produced a series of prints of Croydon, including Thornton Heath, in a bid to celebrate their hometown and debunk many of the negative messages.

Samantha Warren and Danni Livett  used to work together designing for Marks and Spencer and as Croydon residents, they regularly met up and got talking about the lack of artwork available celebrating the area. 

They decided to create their own artworks, starting with Thornton Heath where Samantha lives and South Croydon where Danni lives. The pair also decided to do a few central Croydon locations to create a collection.

The Thornton Heath scene features the gates to Grangewood Park, St Albans Church, The Clocktower, The Library, Trumble Gardens and historic station frontage.

Samantha said: “We’ve designed artwork for many fashion brands over the years and felt we could utilise our skills to highlight our local area and share our designs with others who may also wish to own artwork featuring their hometown or local area.

“I grew up in South London, my first job was in Debenhams in Croydon when I was a teenager and I’ve now lived in the area for over three years. I’ve worked on many community art projects with an aim to always deliver a positive and inclusive message. 

“Croydon has had a bad rep for so many years now and tends to be referred to as a place where people move from to go on to do great things. This thinking needs to be flipped, Croydon is where great things are happening and we should be celebrating this. This is what we hope to do with our artwork – celebrate Croydon and bring colour and pattern to an area which has been dubbed the dull concrete city for far too long.”

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