THIS evocative image has captured the essence of the apple harvesting season as the fruit is pressed to make juice ready to drink.

The traditional scene wouldn’t look out of place in a rural setting but was actually in Thornton Heath in Grangewood Park.

Kay Michael who organised the event and borrowed the press was joined by fellow growers Sofia Zervudachi, Susheela Ramanathan and Hannah Miller.

The women are part of the Ross Road Food Growing Group and the Edible Gardens project in the sunken gardens in Grangewood Park, which was created following a Crowdfunding appeal led by Ruth Miller, who captured this evocative image.

The apples came from local trees including allotments and gardens. Grangewood Park has its own orchard and had a bumper crop of plums, apples and pears this year which were picked and eaten by passing park users including the grateful squirrel population! 

If you would like to become involved in either the food growing or edible gardens email: