Here singer Dédé  Davi explains Why she Loves Thornton Heath.

“Born and bred right here in Thornton Heath and I couldn’t be prouder to be from such a great town . 

“Thornton Heath has a spirit that is hard to put into words. A vibrant energy and a restlessness that cant be contained and a soul that cannot be squashed. 

“It’s a community that looks out for each other; I can walk down the High Street and chat  to my newsagents , my local postman/woman and the guards at the train station. There is a sense of kindness that can be a rare find in other places; strangers still have a chit chat over the bizarre voices on the Poundland tills and coo over newborns in Costa. 

“People have pride in the area, at a time when budgets are tight, ordinary local people have been pulling up their sleeves and  giving up their free time to make  the area we live in a better place. They have been picking up rubbish, placing  new planters of  bright flowers on street corners, creating  new masterpiece murals  bursting with colours on the side of buildings that were once  stark and  campaigning for better train services and safer streets for all who dwell here. 

“To me, the spirit of Thornton heath is one of working together  and of getting things done. I love Thornton Heath because it is home, it sets an example of how people can live together from different backgrounds, faiths and cultures not necessarily by choice but still harmoniously. People from all over the world have made their home here and thats whats makes it special. 

“To me, its still a place where people care whether thats creating space in the new ASKI centre to  knit or the new lonely hour at the old Prince George pub for people to chat with someone if they feel isolated.  

“In January I played at the Thornton Heath Light festival and was amazed at how beautiful it was and how many people showed up to enjoy it. I was proud to sing to my local town , my songwriting writing is inspired by Thornton Heath and im proud to represent it wherever I go.